Scientific research is the main line of activity of the Instituto do Sono. Today we explore the basic mechanisms of sleep and their possible applications in the clinical (diagnostics and treatment) field, as well as clinical research that investigates sleep regulation and the most effective methods of treatment for various sleep disorders.

The line of research created by Professor Sergio Tufik in the UNIFESP Department of Psychobiology in the late 1970s has opened the way for a group of researchers dedicated to investigating sleep.  Initially, the effects of Paradoxical Sleep Deprivation (or REM, rapid eye movements) in animals, which launched this group into the world’s scientific scene.

Our Centers

Marselhesa - Private and Insured Polysomnography

Rua Marselhesa, 500 - São Paulo - + 55 11 5908-7222

Napoleão - Clinic and Research

Rua Napoleão de Barros, 925 - São Paulo - + 55 11 2149-0188

Clínica do Sono - Private Appointments

Rua Marselhesa, 500 - São Paulo - + 55 11 2108-7666

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