The Instituto do Sono complies with the CONTRU safety regulations. All test facilities are easily accessible to all patients, with scenic elevators and ramps, as well as free valet parking. 

The reception is located at the ground floor o the building. Where patients must hand in the required papers before they are sent to the floor where they will be tested, which can be anywhere from the 11th to the 14th floor. In each floor, a waiting room is available for the patient to wait for a technician.

The rooms where the tests are conducted offer safety and quiet. They are equipped with TVs, closets, desk and a bed for a second person, as well as air conditioning and controllable lighting.  The beds are large, and with comfortable pillows and mattresses. All rooms have toilets with showers and are adapted for the disabled.

After the tests are done, a free breakfast is offered to patients and whoever is accompanying them (in case of minors or those in need of special care providers).


A world reference for polysomnografy and sleep related tests, the institute has the latest equipment. The lab is outfitted to perform several tests and offers continuous positive airway pressure devices (CPAP) and BIPAP or VPAP equipment as well, both with manual or automatic settings.

The rooms have infrared cameras, which allow monitoring in the dark while the patient sleeps. The images are projected in a monitor at the registry center, an ample space near the rooms, and under constant technician supervision.  The sound system in the rooms is connected to speakers that allow the technician to listen to, identify and relate snoring, noises and somniloquy from the patient. Communication between the patient and the technician is fast and precise, which ensures safe and quick treatment, especially in case of emergencies.

The Instituto do Sono is also has equipment for emergency cardiovascular resuscitation, emergency medication, oxygen and electric inhalers.

Our Centers

Marselhesa - Private and Insured Polysomnography

Rua Marselhesa, 500 - São Paulo - + 55 11 5908-7222

Napoleão - Clinic and Research

Rua Napoleão de Barros, 925 - São Paulo - + 55 11 2149-0188

Clínica do Sono - Private Appointments

Rua Marselhesa, 500 - São Paulo - + 55 11 2108-7666

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