The Instituto do Sono today has five centers. The Napoleão unit, which is the initial head office,  has a total of 10 fully equipped rooms for both polysomnography and the clinical care of the volunteers for research developed at the institute.

The Marselhesa unit has four floors, occupying 32,392 ft². A total of 68 beds in comfortable rooms, fully equipped for private and insured polysomnographies. The Clínica do Sono is another unit, a clinical facility where a multidisciplinary staff provides care for private patients.

The CEPE and NEPS are also a part of the Instituto do Sono:

The CEPE – Centro de Estudos em Psicobiologia e Exercício (Center for Study of Psychobiology and Exercise) is considered one of the largest and most advanced physiology laboratories for exercise, nutrition, body composition, physical training and physiotherapy in Latin America.  It is under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Marco Túlio de Mello. Know more about the CEPE in www.cepebr.org

The NEPS – Núcleo Experimental de Pesquisa do Sono (Experimental Center for Sleep Research), is a state of the art laboratory, built for pre-clinical research and to guarantee the ongoing studies on the neurobiology of sleep. It is run by Prof. Dr. Monica Levy Andersen.

Our Centers

Marselhesa - Private and Insured Polysomnography

Rua Marselhesa, 500 - São Paulo - + 55 11 5908-7222

Napoleão - Clinic and Research

Rua Napoleão de Barros, 925 - São Paulo - + 55 11 2149-0188

Clínica do Sono - Private Appointments

Rua Marselhesa, 500 - São Paulo - + 55 11 2108-7666

CEPE - Center for Studies in Psychobiology and Exercise

Rua Marselhesa, 500 – 9th floor – São Paulo – + 55 11 5572-0177

NEPS - Experimental Center for Sleep Research

Rua Dr. Altino Arantes, 496 - São Paulo - SP

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